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London, United Kingdom · Strategy · P15Y042016


Interweave is looking for a Digital Account Manager to oversee agency accounts, a job that involves project management of digital communication projects, client service and interaction, digital strategic planning and managing and supervising project teams.

Working with us, you will collaborate with digital strategists, marketers, analysts, copywriters, community managers, designers and developers to build great brand experiences online. Our goal is to be the brand’s voice, to engage and nurture its communities, share its information and communicate its experience, exceeding clients’ expectations and assignment objectives. You will be at the helm of this endeavor.

Your job will include meeting with clients to be briefed about the overarching brand objectives, receive feedback regarding current campaigns and then successfully relaying pertinent information to the project team in order to create the most appropriate and targeted strategic plan. Throughout a project’s duration you will be responsible for the communication between the client and the project team, ensuring that a project stays on target and within its deadlines, creating presentations, searching for, selecting and managing external collaborators (and coordinating them), as well as, balancing the budget and reporting on said budget. Depending on the project’s needs, you will also be responsible for finalizing analysis and monitoring reports and utilizing the insights produced to enhance the quality and effectiveness of communication and head the effort for creative and innovative campaigns.

One of the most invaluable contributions you will make to your accounts is building on the existing strategy and planning with new ideas and concepts based on the insights we gain while running campaigns.

You must be able to multi-task and organize multiple peoples’ schedules and understand all aspects of digital communications – content marketing, copy writing, analysis, design & development, to name a few, so that you may comprehend the team’s processes and needs. Adhering to strict deadlines and effectively managing the team’s time-needs, foreseeing roadblocks and managing around delays and schedule conflicts is a must.


We are looking for someone who:

About Us

We are a dynamic, fast-growing, awarded, thinking-globally interactive marketing agency established in February 2013 in Athens, Greece. In November 2015, we started operating our UK office in London. We combine strategy with creativity and technology. We think of ourselves as Digital Brand-Builders; a team comprised of individuals with great experience in both digital communications and strategic marketing. We offer our clients a 360 service that covers the entire spectrum of a brand's existence: from brand positioning, to brand expression, to their online presence.

Our mission is to create world-class interactive experiences, empower audiences to connect and share in real time, and deliver measurable results through creative innovation.

We create strong brand experiences, empower brand teams and most of all have fun in the process.


We are looking for the next passionate member of our team, so we can create interesting and innovative things together.


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